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Biltmore Estate Limited Release Roussanne-Marsanne
Off-dry with aromas of banana and key lime with nuanced plantain and honeydew flavors.

Roussanne is a late-ripening white grape that originated in the Rhne region of France. It is often blended with Marsanne, a less well-known white varietal from the northern Rhne, and this classic blend is the way in which our winemaker has chosen to express our Limited Release version. With fruit selected from our California growing partners, we handcraft a medium-bodied light gold wine that is off-dry and approachable, with appreciable aromas of banana, strawberry, and key lime. The wine features lingering acidity with tastes of plantain and honeydew, and pairs well for brunch or sunset sipping with light-but-flavorful fare such as bacon-wrapped scallops, grilled mahi tacos drizzled with mango salsa, and goat cheese.

  • Alcohol: 13.0%
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