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Mariporta Red Dessert Wine
100% of 100
Special Price $32.00 Regular Price $40.00
With touches of satin and spice, our velvety Mariporta Red Dessert Wine is rich in decadent flavors.
Designed to delight, this port-style wine celebrates the excitement of Vanderbilt house parties, when friends and family were entertained and treated with gracious hospitality. Mariporta, Spanish for "butterfly," was inspired by the delicate winged details on a gown worn by an early Biltmore guest. The expressive style of our dessert wine comes through in a velvety smooth texture, and fruit-forward notes of caramel, mocha, and candied violets, pair perfectly with desserts or as an after-dinner treat.
  • Appellation: American
  • Alcohol: 18.4%
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